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From the self-declared capital of cafe culture, Kuura is the antidote to all that noise.

A Melbourne-based tea company obsessed with the incomparable pressed cakes of Yunnan, principally puer, but drinking up all styles that stem from the traditional wild and cultivated wild-type Assamica tea trees unique to the region.

KUURA TEA CORP. is the result of one individual's dedication to travelling the old tea mountains of Western China to source and blend teas that meet their own taste for the intoxicating and uplifting. They reject the limits of favouritism for high status regions for the honest pursuit of ecological integrity and quality in the cup that stands on its own two feet.

What that means for you is simple: a very fair price for quality agricultural product that will deliver flavour and emotion for as many years as you let it. Kuura is the real deal.

For us at Softer, when we're looking around for things that aren't fine wine that can deliver the fine wine experience, Kuura's teas have always been top of the list. When it comes to beverage that offers depth, length, complexity, feeling, fine tannin, minerality, terroir and lush non-interventionist growing environment, Nebbiolo is alright but puer tea takes the cake. 

Brewing info available here.