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KUURA 2022 'Subsurface' Raw Puer

KUURA 2022 'Subsurface' Raw Puer


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This is our ‘affordable flagship’; material from a selected handful of high quality growing areas put together for high impact at an accessible price. Teas like this are what Yunnan is all about; unique biodiversity, undefiled trees (rather than industrially managed bushes) simple but careful processing all coming together to give us tea full of character and strength that will give an engaging drinking experience for years to come as it ages. The tea is a little bit fruity with plenty of sweetness, thick texture and endurance.

The artwork was a special commission by Sage Jenson.

Spring 2022 material
200g per compressed cake with five cakes in each traditionally wrapped bamboo tong. 
25g samples are cut/broken from 200g cakes and sealed into bags.

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