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KUURA 2023 'UNISON' Raw Pu'er

KUURA 2023 'UNISON' Raw Pu'er


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Unison is a small production of some of the loftier materials from the spring, with a focus on sweet strength. Sugary, sticky fragrance, and lots of huigan (returning sweet aftertaste), with a core character of strength and thickness. Push this tea hard and the glistening exterior will reveal a diamond interior, so to speak. This raw pu'er tea is a strong one—not really an every day tea, unless maybe you have no responsibilities.

Wrapper artwork by Atelier Decadence.

Softer Focus: 

Nectar from first light, high toned honeybird fodder, alfalfa harvest for a distant world of bovine gods. The phrase leaps from the glass comes to mind. The tip of my tongue is incense, rocksugar, a tropicalia of fruits the kind those in cold climates could only ever imagine. Perfume like muscadet, aromatherapy like a Holy Roman Empire. Where there's greenness, it's dense, deep, corpuscular spruce and pine flexing gnarled biceps. Bitterness is resin, sap and I'm the mosquito Jurassic. A paradox of delicacy and strength, keeping up with the aging potential on this assemblage is going to be a journey.


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