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Handmade Gaiwan from Dustin Ryan Yu

Handmade Gaiwan from Dustin Ryan Yu

Dustin Ryan Yu

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Beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade glazed gaiwans from Vancouver, BC-based ceramicist Dustin Ryan Yu

Each glaze and colourway was developed in unique limited collaboration between Softer and Dustin. Current designs available in Smoke, Galaxy, and Brown, Satin (creamy off white), Slate (matte 'stone' effect), and 'Line'. 

Each gaiwan holds around 100 ml, and is approximately 9cm wide x 7cm tall.(3" x 2.25").

They are a perfect balance of delicate elegance while having just enough weight and density to hold heat well for getting the most out of your steeps. They are a pleasure in the hand and a treat to the eye from session to session.


Dustin is a Vancouver BC-based ceramicist who has been developing his craft over the past 7+ years. With a background in specialty coffee, naturally he specializes in custom drinkware. Dustin's work can be seen and enjoyed in cafes in Vancouver, Calgary, and beyond.

Dustin's style is understated, and he has a great eye for details both functional and visual, in particular selecting glazes with pleasing depth. His work is meant to be enjoyed and used, adding another dimension to your enjoyment of these pieces, as well as your drinks. Ever since catching a glimpse of some gaiwans he had made we've been super excited to work with him - and we hope we will have more to offer from Dustin in the future!

You can learn more about his materials and technique at his website,

* * Thank you for appreciating that these are handmade items and there will be slight variations in shape, glaze, and surface textures from piece to piece. As with any handmade items, these are features, not flaws. Additional photos and description of individual pieces available on request.Thanks for supporting our business as well as the work of a local ceramicist! * * 

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