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KUURA 2022 'Recombinator' Black Tea

KUURA 2022 'Recombinator' Black Tea


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A fresh spring dian hong with a large proportion of buds in the picking, hand-rolled and sun-dried. Strong red-fruit fragrance, a balance of punchiness and smooth sweetness, and plenty of endurance. Once again, this tea is a joyful showcase of the qualities that make Yunnan tea so desirable to us—healthy, genetically diverse trees left to grow mixed amongst the lush forest simple but well-executed processing and a huge amount of re-steepability. Brewed light this tea is quenching and soft; brewed heavier it’s rich, fruity and satisfying with none of the typical ‘black tea bite’ from excessive tannins.

The wrapper art was produced with an image courtesy of Alexander Holland, Jay Black, and Julian Rutten.

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