$15 Flat rate shipping in Canada & USA*, plus free local delivery in Victoria, BC :)

Shipping Policy

Flat Rate Shipping details

$15 flat rate shipping is available to Canada, the US, and Mexico.* 

Flat rate shipping is offered on orders up to 5kg in weight. Orders exceeding 5kg are charged at standard shipping rates due to postal rate surcharges above this threshold - thank you for your understanding.

Other calculated rates are available from a variety of courier choices, should quicker shipping be preferred.

The Flat Rate Option will always include tracking and insurance up to $100, and is usually Canada Post 'Expedited Parcel', which delivers in approx. 2-8 business days nationally or 4-7 internationally after being received by the post office. 

All orders will be packaged and shipped within the next 2 business days. We endeavour to get your order on its way to you as quickly and securely as we can.

Please note that even if you select a more expensive ‘expedited’ or ‘express’ option, Softer Drink can not be responsible for ensuring these delivery standards are met - time frames are set by the courier and are subject to the limits and exceptions depending on their shipping volumes and policies.

Packing Materials & Sustainability

We use: 
New cardboard boxes from recycled materials,
or reused or upcycled carbdoard boxes of good condition

Plastic packing tape for the moment. We intend to switch to paper tape in the future

Biodegradable Packing peanuts --> rapidly breakdown in landfill or home compost

Paper fill for padding --> fully recyclable or compostable

Plastic bubble wrap - we do not buy our own new bubble wrap - we re-use and re-purpose bubble wrap that is used to ship things to us. We are researching other paper fill and padding options to further reduce our use of plastics. --> depending where you live this can be recycled with soft/flexible plastics 

New bubble mailers --> we opted for fully plastic mailers instead of paper/plastic, for ease of recycling. Depending where you live, you may be able to recycle this with soft/flexible plastics.

Tea Sample bags - we have elected to use fully recylcable plastic zipper bags for tea samples for security of product while we continue to source biodegradable options that won't impart odours to teas. Of our current options, we elected for fully recyclable plastic versus oxo-degradable as the more sustainable choice.

We are researching fully biodegradable bubble mailers, as well as fully biodegradable sample bags for tea.

If you are reading this and have a product to recommend, feel free to be in touch.

In the case of shipping beverages and fragile drinkware, we must do our best to ensure your order is safe from damage or breakage - and in a worst case scenario does not damage other packages in the postal system. We hope you will understand that a bit of extra cardboard, bubble wrap, or paper may be required to ensure safe delivery. 

If you are concerned about the impacts of shipping and shipping materials, I would encourage you to source your specialty drinks closer to home, support drinkmakers in your region, and in the meantime we will always be researching and testing more sustainable shipping materials.

We endeavour to stock drinks in lighter materials like plastic pouches and aluminium cans - these go a long way to minimize the emissions from shipping purely due to space and weight.

There are environmental impacts from all methods of shipping, but there is significantly less packaging used when shipping by the palette and case, so by supporting businesses near you and buying in-person, you are eliminating the need for that extra packing to get it to your home.

If you live in BC and want to see products we sell in a store near you - feel free to let us know - we will see what we can do! 

Thank you for reading this - you clearly care about the choices we and you make and we thank you for this. We are trying our best!