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KUURA 2022 'Glossolalia' Raw Puer

KUURA 2022 'Glossolalia' Raw Puer


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Strong aromatics - savoury - smoke and oil with depth and roundness on the palate. Big bark but no bite - totally finessed - not forceful, not even very bitter - a restrained mineral throughline. - As tasted Feb 2023


Fans of our previous productions of 2020 Dissolver Raw Puerh Tea should find joy in this complex blend built around thick oily mouthfeel and strength you feel in your body. At risk of all of our tea descriptions sounding the same we’d say you should choose this tea if you want the ‘best of Xishuangbanna that is venerable but not overhyped’. As always tea is a reflection of its growing environment and many old and imposing groves of forest went into this one.

The artwork was a special commission by Jon Marshall.

Spring 2022 material
200g per compressed cake with five cakes in each traditionally wrapped bamboo tong. 
25g samples are cut/broken from 200g cakes and sealed into bags.

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