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KUURA 2023 'PARATAXIS' Raw Pu'er

KUURA 2023 'PARATAXIS' Raw Pu'er


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The ‘affordable flagship’ for 2023, ‘Parataxis’ is a raw pu-erh tea, blended from materials across southern Yunnan, China.

Flavour wise, this tea has a well balanced character, with plenty of sweetness, thick mouthfeel, a solid backbone of pleasant bitterness and astringency, and enduring fragrance from steep to steep. Classical raw puer should have a slight cooling sensation in the mouth and throat, and a flavour that sticks around after it’s been drunk, with a returning sweet aftertaste (huigan). The dry spring weather across Yunnan in 2023 means that this tea is very concentrated and expressive.

This tea is an excellent all-rounder, for solid daily drinking, or for stashing away to age for the years to come. If you’re wondering how it compares to ‘Labyrinth’, this tea has more intensity in the fragrance and sweetness, and is a little more elegant.

Wrapper artwork by Eroductions.

Softly Though...:

Every year a daily drinker and we think, I could not love you more. Every year last year's daily drinker, daily drunk, a love we hope isn't only memories! Should we be surprised that a blended and versatile intertext of such materials, born outside the factories and laboured with love every step of the way, could age the way they do? Surely not, but every time the shock of --damn they done it again!-- 

Have it, hold it, know you were told it -- what will you be drinking gratefully in 2025? It won't be 2019 Psychotropical, I wish it were 2020 ฿∅ᄱ♥ლ⁸ᐃᗴᚨ⁹ƀɑᗲʗ.exe. I won't make that mistake again.

 Parataxis literally is symbolic relation without like as or is - parataxis is the invisible bridge between disparate images. Inference emerging from the spectator and the stage. Parataxis is meaning self-evident, unspoken but expertly stated. It's me in the present and it's me in the future, carried together in equidistance by this tea. I'm drinking this tea, and I'm drinking this tea.


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