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Mature and nuanced raw puer just entering its prime. A testament to the palette and practice that make Kuura's teas what they are, a study in depth and subtlety that puts ecological integrity and honest production before any other consideration. Aging mightily and good to go the distance, this tea is a ready demonstration of the higher reaches of what's possible.

Kuura puts it down as:

I drink the tea you drink I drink you drink the tea I drink we drink the tea the tea the tea.

We scored a small amount of slightly aged raw puer maocha (loose tea) from spring 2014, and pressed it in 2019.

It has been very cleanly stored by the farmer in Xishuangbanna, leaving a good amount of character development, but with no humid or off notes.

The tea itself is smooth, soft, and sweet, with a touch of underlying bitterness and a deceptive amount of strong body feeling. Some sweeter floral and slight fruity flavours are beginning to surface.

The material is from older trees in an excellent forest environment, and a less famous provenance keeps the price lower than teas from hyped areas. 

Each cake is 200g, 5 cakes per bamboo wrapped tong. 


The artwork is a collaboration with eroductions