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2023 was a very dry spring in Yunnan, with vastly reduced volumes of tea produced. Macroscope is perhaps our best expression of the benefits of that dryness; the tea is strained and powerful, almost like it has been distilled. Thick, resinous, and oily in the mouth, with a hard-hitting fragrance and mouth-coating sweetness. What raw pu-erh is all about.

The materials used are all from old-growth trees nestled in pockets of forest, protected from the sun and with their own water sources to draw from with deep roots. If you’re a fan of our previous productions at this price point, we’d recommend hitting this one as hard as you can. The dry weather also means reduced volumes, and it was not possible to make as much of this tea as we would have liked. Blending at its best is a way to make a tea greater than the sum of its parts, and in this case we made a banger (in our humble opinion, of course).

Wrapper artwork by Eroductions.

In Soft Focus:

Into a realm of ether, we're hit purely by textures and energy. Initially, the aromatics are restrained, hard to grasp, like something in your peripheral. Savouriness to start, dense hard grain silo, bitterness a distant memory. Until deep in the journey, something else - the savouriness is pure protein, the desert has superbloomed, flowers of juicy fruit, hi-chew. Sweetness, silk. When bitterness says hello its a surprise visit from an old friend who can't stay long; gentle and sweet. The palate persistence is supernumerary, accumulating at multiples of the rate of inflation. Every synonym for edible oils, plump rich velvet encapsule. A banger that thuds, fissures of earth in naked revelation. One for the ages. "Avalon Emerson - The frontier"


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