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KUURA 2022 'A Flash and then the Quiet' Raw Puer

KUURA 2022 'A Flash and then the Quiet' Raw Puer


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An experimental production we’ve been planning for years focussed on potency, utilising materials from far out of the way patches of forest safe from prying eyes and recognition by name (and the associated pricing). A slight funkiness in the initial aroma smooths over into juicy bitterness with plenty of oily texture and sticky fragrance. A durable tea that delivers a dynamic experience for many steeps; the ever-fabled ‘unicorn’ of high quality but disproportionately affordable materials made possible by some long-term thinking and optimistic investment from years past.

Spring 2022 material
200g per compressed cake with five cakes in each traditionally wrapped bamboo tong. 
25g samples are cut/broken from 200g cakes and sealed into bags.

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