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The cake the myth the legend. When they say they intend to blend to their own particular tastes and if you happen to like it all the better, this is what they mean. A statement, a standard, something to sit on and something to think about for a long time. Please enjoy.

Missives on an anonymous Tumblr served up by the Internet Archive read:

Given the difficulties of this year, and our inability to be in Yunnan for the spring season, we focused only on teas we have zero doubts about. This blend is the exact same formula as last year, bearing in mind slight seasonal variation due to yearly weather changes.

It starts off soft and thick, and slowly builds a hefty backbone and oily character with continued steeping, finishing off sweet. Lots of fragrance. When we started on this tea journey, this is the kind of tea we always wanted to make, for our own tastes; something more interesting than just showing up to various tea areas and pressing single materials into cakes. This is a tea straight from our cold, corporate hearts; an abstract idea that turned out better than we'd hoped.

All the material comes from small, out-of-the-way, forested groves of what we would call 'old' tea trees, rather than young bushes. Read into that however you like, but it doesn't really matter; just drink the tea and decide for yourself.

Spring 2020 material, pressed into 200g cakes. 5 cakes in each bamboo wrapped tong.

No lip tattoos this year. Although, if you want to get a tramp stamp or ass tattoo, get in touch. Maybe we can work out something. 


The artwork is a collaboration with eroductions

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