Bring these to the party

Small format, ready to drink, individual servings, or split them with a friend because 'tis the season. Packable, portable, and infinitely enjoyable straight from the can or in a fancy glass.

Special gifts - rare and unusual treats

Unique, rare, unusual drinks that can be sipped slowly or mixed in a bunch of drinks. Spirit alternatives and herbal 'digestivos' galore. The perfect gift for a host or for someone who may be considering cutting back in the new year!

Gifts for the tea enthusiast

Small format tea, special teaware, KUURA cakes at all prices for all tastes. There are no wrong answers :)

Sparkling Wine for Fun Times

The non-alcoholic wine of choice for breakfast, brunch, and dinner! Bubbles make any occasion festive, and when the bubbles don't have alcohol, you truly can drink them all day, any day.

Mix them up in mimosas or spritzes or enjoy them au naturel in your favourite flute or coupe.


Waiter, there's sugar in my drink!!!!!

Here's a selection of drinks from drinkmakers who have consciously chosen to omit sugar, for health reasons, or out of principle. We applaud them for making complex and delicious drinks that everyone can enjoy without compromising on their health goals.