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For Bitter For Worse 'Eva's Spritz' Non-alcoholic aperitif

For Bitter For Worse 'Eva's Spritz' Non-alcoholic aperitif

For Bitter for Worse

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For Bitter For Worse's flagship aperitif in ready-to-drink single serving cutie short can form - it's a wow! Eva's Spritz doesn't harken to a particular tradition outside of their own creativity and commitment to real botanical ingredients, but to our palate it is the most striking contemporary embodiment of the Italian joy in bittered citrus refreshment.

First ingredient, rhubarb juice. From there it's a deep dive into what the Pacific Northwest farms and fields of yonder Portland Oregon bring forth. All organic, all real ingredients. The gentian note is so perfectly framed, when they say their big tasting note is sunshine it's like, yeah, you aren't kidding. Radiant, piercing, illuminating. This stuff is so so good and we're overjoyed to finally enjoy it here in Canada. Long may they shine.

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