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Hai Tea Carbonated Herbal Tea Drinks

Hai Tea Carbonated Herbal Tea Drinks

Hai Tea

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Hai Tea is a Vancouver, BC-based company making this unique line of carbonated herbal tea drinks. Supremely relaxing, dynamically constructed with super refreshing flavours, they are unique, fun, special drinks for your daily unwind.

Each of the three flavours - Ginger, Hibiscus, and Mojito - are made with an herbal tea base including ingredients like damiana and chamomile, which are naturally very relaxing. Can confirm!!! 

The flavours are all very well developed - you might think, oh hibiscus, oh ginger, oh mojito. Sure. No! They really did it with these -

Hai Tea Hibiscus isn't just tart pink lemonade, it delivers a 3D mouthfeel, pouring amber and tasting more tamarind than sweet-tarts.

Hai Tea Ginger offers a more mellow expression of ginger, not just straight heat, with a restrained and intriguing complex earth spiciness.

And Hai Tea Mojito, that's the lightweight one right? Beach mode, little pink umbrellas. Well okay yes and no, definitely beach appropriate but honestly low-key a tour de force of freshness, tasting like a true muddle of lime and mint.

And what unites them all is the raw froth in the glass, the cohesive body and persistent head of froth that the herbal tea base delivers. 

Hai Tea... nothing like it!  

* * If you are pregnant or taking medication you may want to consult your doctor to find out if ingesting damiana is safe for you. The dose that would be included in this drink is very small especially compared to ingesting the herb straight or taking a supplement but we just want to note its presence! Please note that these are not legal in the state of Louisiana. 
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