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Bière Sans Alcool 'Smooth' Non-Alcoholic IPA

Bière Sans Alcool 'Smooth' Non-Alcoholic IPA

Bière Sans Alcool

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The Bière Sans Alcool IPA pushes our IPA buttons with plenty of tropical aroma and a citrus-y hop profile. A little sappiness adds a touch of complexity. Dubbed Smooth in English but Douce en français, pretty much, yeah, it does what it says on the tin.

Compared to conventional (alcoholic) IPAs and even other non-alcoholic IPAs, the body is lighter on this guy - but we see it as a feature, not a flaw. Once you get on this lighter level you might find yourself wishing all IPAs were this easy going! 


Biere Sans Alcool ('BSA') are brewery based in Quebec making exclusively beers that are .5% ABV or less. Their pretty cans put a smile on our face, and the beer inside is some of our favourite non-alcoholic beer we've tasted.

In their own words, "Top-quality non-alcoholic beer for top-quality times with all your top qualities intact."

80 calories
< 0.5% alc./vol.
45 IBU
473 ml

Ingredients : Water, Malted barley, Oats, Hops, Yeast.

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