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Oddbird 'Blanc de Blanc' De-alcoholized Sparkling Wine

Oddbird 'Blanc de Blanc' De-alcoholized Sparkling Wine


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Oddbird make excellent nonalcoholic wines, and this traditional method Blanc de Blanc (aka white bubbly made from white grapes) easily meets their impeccable sense of taste and quality. Made in the style of Champagne or cremant, this is a dry sparkling wine with a classic old world flavour profile. 

It's super dry, bubble texture is strong and frothy, and it mixes mellow fruit notes of lemon peel with more savoury elements from the time spent on lees before bottling - think toasted brioche and creme brulee. 

This bubbly is an excellent choice for celebrations and holidays, with its classy gold foil and its traditional flavour profile. And if you really know how to live, there's cause to celebrate at all times of the year, so don't wait for a reason to give this non-alcoholic bubbly a try!

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