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Brochet Zero Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Brochet Zero Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Brochet Zero

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Brochet Zero is a new non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc from France's beloved Loire Valley. Made by the organic wine estate Ampelidae, which is owned by the Brochet family, this wine reflects years of experimentation in trying to capture the aromatics and balance that are so appreciated in Loire valley white wines.

How it's made:

Brochet Zero is de-alcoholised at very low temperature and under vacuum, which helps keep aromatics in tact. At some point in the procedure (trade secrets! we don't know when or how!) the wine is in contact with unfermented grape must (juice, skins, stems), which helps maintain body and texture. (read: keep the wine from feeling lifeless and thin, and if this happens after de-alcoholisation, it would even re-introduce some flavour).

Tasting notes:

Brochet Zero is approachable yet elegant, with fresh notes of pear, apple, and lemon curd, with some lemon peel and white flowers rounding out the profile. Not too acidic, but still refreshing and easy to drink, with a rounded minerally finish. This wine is a nice contrast for those of us who sometimes find sauvignon blancs to be a bit TOO citrusy. Food friendly, or perfect for sipping on its own at the end of a long day. Old world sensibilities for modern times. Santé! 

(If you are looking for an even more citrusy high acid sauvignon blanc style, a la New Zealand, you may prefer to try the Lautus Sauvignon Blanc. It has more lemon and lime notes, on top of tons of peach and candy, and is a bit more "zippy" as they say!) 

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