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Lautus Non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc

Lautus Non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc


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Lautus ("lout-us") is Latin for 'pure, sumptuous, elegant', and with years of winemaking experience under their belt and a respect for terroir and solid winemaking practices, we think Lautus are definitely living up to their name. 

This Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa is fruity, aromatic, and refreshing. With notes of peach and gooseberry, as well as lemon and lime zest, this wine is fun and flavourful. 

The alcohol is removed at low temperature under vacuum in order to preserve the aromatics that make sauv blanc so fun to drink. This wine is medium bodied with a nice silky texture. 

The perfect option for those who love a crisp zingy citrusy sauvignon blanc a la New Zealand. A crowd pleaser to be sure, perfect for patios and BBQs. Scandalously aromatic, great lingering finish.

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