Collection: Suribachi Herbal Oxymel

Lovingly formulated and hand-made in small batches in Victoria BC with organic apple cider vinegar and local BC honey, infused with balanced herb and botanical ingredients often dried and processed in-house. Suribachi Herbal's Oxymels are instant beverage in a bottle (or pouch). Mix strong for a health drink that tastes way better and packs more benefits than your usual drinking vinegars, or dilute into a long drink or include in a mixed drink for a balanced and delicious beverage with lively acidity and long, round flavour. Honey and ACV come together perfectly into something that reads as neither sweet nor sharp. In ancient times peasant wine was basically vinegar anyways that required sweetener and herbs to be rendered palatable, so in a lot of ways we feel in drinking these that we are drinking wine as the Romans did. Santé!