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Suribachi Herbal 'Immune Helper' Oxymel

Suribachi Herbal 'Immune Helper' Oxymel

Suribachi Herbal

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A bright and deep-toned concentration of flavour and colour, Immune Helper Oxymel leans into high acid and ripe red shades to make a delicious and fortifying sweet-sour concentrate that mixes into any kind of drink you want to bring it to.

As with all of Suribachi's oxymels, sugar and acid are balanced perfectly so that neither stands out as being too much, but this flavour does especially reach for that tart red fruit edge. Going heavy on rosehip, hibiscus, elderberry and hawthorn, and rounded out with in-house dried lemon peel, the result is vibrant, crimson, and delicious.

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About Suribachi's Oxymels

Oxymel is a traditional medicinal preparation of Ancient Greece that preserves herbal ingredients and delivers them to the palate in a way that goes beyond just sugarcoating a bitter pill. Suribachi Herbal's oxymels are made with care and intention by hand in Victoria BC, with many of the botanical components processed and dried in-house. Their formulations are equal parts health forward and delicious, and we love them as drinks on their own and as enhancers for mixed drinks.

Suribachi proposes a variety of ratios at which to try mixing them, either with still or sparkling water, or in with juices or other drinks. Mixed at a strong ratio of 3:1, it is a bracing health tonic that will make you feel alive and on the level much as a shot of fernet or other traditional alcoholic bitter liqueur might. We love them at a more mellow dilution as well, like 8 parts soda water to 1 part oxymel or more, where they express like kombucha or the pet-nat of our dreams, acidity and sweetness and botanical notes flying.

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Available in 150ml glass bottle as well as 200ml pouches ideal for shipping.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic B.C. local honey, House-made Dried lemon, Hibiscus, Rosehip ,Elderberry, Hawthorn berry.

Please note apple cider vinegar and honey are unpasteurized and probiotic, natural sediment or vinegar 'mother' may occur.

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