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Wildfred's Non-alcoholic Aperitif

Wildfred's Non-alcoholic Aperitif

Softer Specialty Drink Co.

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"Reinventing the Spritz for the modern drinker."

Wilfred's is an upscale alcohol-free alternative to Aperol or Campari. Made with premium ingredients and very little sugar, mix it with soda or sparkling (non alcoholic) wine for a low-alc or totally alcohol free spritz or cocktail. 

Like its Italian inspiration, Wilfred's is built on a base of citrus and herbal extracts, in this case, taking inspiration from home - the orange peels of his dad's marmalade, and the rosemary from his mom's garden. 

Founder Chris left a career in engineering to perfect his recipe, and this delicious non-alcoholic beverage, perfect for mixing, is the result.

Enjoy in a spritz - (1.5oz Wilfred's, 3oz sparkling (nonalcoholic) wine, 1 oz soda), or simply over ice with your favourite tonic water. 


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