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Wild Folk 'The Bitter Tongue' Non-alcoholic 'amaro' mixer

Wild Folk 'The Bitter Tongue' Non-alcoholic 'amaro' mixer

Wild Folk

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The Bitter Tongue from Wild Folk is a bitter 'amaro mixer', perfect for adding complexity and depth to any and all drinks you might be mixing up this summer. 

The Bitter Tongue is definitely hitting all those classic amaro notes - earth, spice, and a medicinal resinous quality. Much like amaro, this drink would be perfect as an after dinner digestivo, or an earthy pre-dinner spritz.

This limited edition from Wild Folk shows their skill at balancing strong flavours and is the bitterest of their offerings. Their characteristic use of ginger and citrus is definitely in the mix, but the flavours are really set off by truly rich and deep bitter roots like gentian.

Not as sweet and heavy as actual amaro, this drink is surprisingly refreshing for something so intense. It would be perfect to split with a friend after dinner, or to be stretched with soda over ice. 

This one's for the bitter freaks in the room - the "I like acquired tastes" crowd, the "weirder the better" gang. Ask us about raw pu'er tea next.


> > Like all good amari, the particular blend of ingredients is kind of a mystery. Bitter notes reminiscent of radicchio and dandelion are pronounced. Something in there lends a very welcome graham cracker and browned butter impression. Brighter aromatics are suggestive of pine and citrus peel - resin, resin, resin. A touch of cinnamon feels apropos. Ginger and lemon keep things brighter. Cin cin! 

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