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Vera Spirits 'Aperitivø Classicø'

Vera Spirits 'Aperitivø Classicø'

Softer Specialty Drink Co.

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What we're saying: 

Aperitivo Classico does what it says on the label - a classical citrus/herbal bittersweet bev designed for spritzes, with soda, or on the rocks. 

Super limited, super rare - took us ages to find this, we are happy to have scooped up a few bottles! Get 'em while you can.

About Vera Spirits: 

Fresh from Ljubljana, Slovenia, comes Vera Spirits, a line of herbacious and aromatic zero proof spirits / liqueurs, perfect for your "no and low" mixing needs.

Vera Spirits make their products out of their own distillery, where they separately extract the various herbs and botanicals that go into each mix - etither by macerating or vapor-infusion - before blending and bottling on site.

Sourcing seasonal inputs from around the mediterranean and using Alpine water, Vera Spirits is the project of former chefs/restauranteurs with an appreciation for balance and quality.


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