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Undone No. 7 Not Orange Bitter

Undone No. 7 Not Orange Bitter


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UNDONE GmbH applies meticulous industrious precision to replicate essential backbar components. Anyone can put juniper in water and call it gin, but Undone has systematically approached a much broader category of classic European mixological mythologies. We've honed in on exactly what we miss most when we're choosing not to have the alcoholic classics: the bitter elements.

Their No. 7 Not Orange Bitter, in addition to being not alcohol, is also not that certain ubiquitous red something you can't build a negroni without. Put it in soda alongside their Not Red Vermouth and it certainly wouldn't be an Americano. But just close your eyes and imagine.

- - -

They themselves say, "Strong similarities to taste and smell of Italian bitter liquor, consumption recommended from 18 years." Children avert your eyes these tastes are downright adult.

We wanted to have a zero tolerance policy for natural flavours and colours in our catalog (do not get me started though seriously), but you know what? We took a closer look what's in the cult classic Italian liqueurs this simulates, and damn. Biochemical enhancement is the pillar of Old World liquor! In fact, Undone being purely natural in its flavour and colour components kind of almost puts it ahead of what it's modelled after. 

Mix with spirits to moderate the sum total ABV of your favourite cocktails, or go freestyle and build brave new worlds of bitter citrus flavours with no nagging inebriation whatsoever. Undone's gone and done it.

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