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'Noughty' Rouge by Thomson & Scott Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

'Noughty' Rouge by Thomson & Scott Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Thomson & Scott

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We swore never to buy another punny non-alcoholic drink again but after tasting this wine we couldn't pass it up - so here we are, hat in hand, humbly offering you Thomson and Scott's 'Noughty' red - a big juicy red made from dry-farmed Syrah grapes.

Calling all "big red" lovers - finally, a full-bodied non-alcoholic red wine! Juicy rich cherry notes are followed by a lick of oak and tannin, with earth and black pepper on the finish. This wine is super smooth and is delicious sipped on its own or alongside a dinner of rich or grilled foods.

The wine has been gently de-alcoholised to 0.5% ABV under vacuum and at low temperature to preserve the colour, aromatics, and flavours present in the wine.

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