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Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi - Bergamot Oolong

Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi - Bergamot Oolong

Rishi Tea & Botanicals

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Italian Bergamot juice + Taiwanese Oolong. Arnold Palmer for the 21st century. 

Bergamot is to citrus what Taiwanese Oolong is to tea (or, to all other oolongs) --- AMPED! UP! AROMATICS! 

This drink is basically a bergamot lemonade, so like, lemonade, but with a mysterious sophisticated aroma, plus cold brewed oolong, so you're getting lemonade, flavoured with delicate peach aromas. Super refreshing, super pretty. Lemonade, but not too sweet, not too sour, and with a little something special. The perfect late summer beach/backyard bev.

Words I would use to describe these ingredients: Beautiful, lovely, cute, delicate, delightful, aromatic, tangy, refreshing, juicy, cheeky. This drink is simply TROPPO CHICO. ('Troppo' is Italian for "too" and 'Chico' is a made up word for Chic, as in Stylish, as in you know, a pun on another super stylish bevvy...? Sorry, just checking if anyone reads this stuff.)

This drink would also mix really well with the addition of soda or tonic or any other adjustments you may see fit to include.

Rishi are master ingredient sourcers, buying directly from small farms and processors around the world. The bergamot juice is sourced from Italy and the oolong comes from Taiwan - the new school oolong capital.

Entirely organic. No added sweeteners or flavours. * * Contains caffeine * * 

Format: 355ml can

Ingredients: Carbonated water, bergamot juice, oolong tea.

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