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Sovi Sparkling White

Sovi Sparkling White

Softer Specialty Drink Co.

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This non-alcoholic Sparkling white wine from Sovi is super dry and has a classic old-world vibe. Totally dry, you'll find a touch of toasty brioche on the nose coming from the yeast, with a hint of pomelo and lemon.

Made from a blend of chenin blanc, pinot gris, and gewurtzraminer, the wine is quite neutral, not too intense, and not particularly acidic. It's that dry toastiness that makes it for us. The perfect wine for brunch or... toasting your friends with?

Why wine in a can? Portable, lightweight, and 1-2 servings, compared to a bottle, which might be more than you want to drink at one time! Cans are great for picnics, brunch, hikes, or for parties of 1.

1 can = 250ml, i.e. 1/3 of a bottle of wine. 

About the brand: 

Sovi is a husband-and-wife project based out of California, with both members of the couple bringing extensive experience in the wine industry to this venture. They buy wine from lesser-known regions in California, to ensure they can still offer good value, and they gently de-alcoholise it to preserve as many aromatics and flavours as possible in the process. 


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