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SolBrü 'Elevate' Alcohol Free Elixir 375ml

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Solbrü 'Elevate' is the closest thing we have found to what we'd call a "non-alcoholic vermouth", like a dry white vermouth. Elevate is bright, light, dry, and cerebral. Ice and soda and you're ready for a little cinq-a-sept rendezvous for sure, or a little Sunday vermoteca sesh, definitely. 

Each Solbrü flavour starts with a base of water, apple cider vinegar (not a lot just a little), and medicinal mushroom extract. The verdict is still continually rolling in - mushrooms are good for your brain. Having many reasons to want to give my brain all the help it can get, this is welcome news. A different mix of herbs and spices give each flavour its character, a hit of oak emphasizes the spirited feel.

Solbrü is a great addition to your back bar - each one adds a certain level of complexity to any kind of drink, and much like vermouth, even a half ounce can totally alter the drink for the better. We can't wait to hear what you come up with! 

375ml / Makes 13+ drinks. 

Ingredients: Water, Organic apple cider vinegar, Organic sugars (dried apricots), Organic spices, Organic lemon verbena, Organic cordyceps mushrooms (dual extract), Organic holy basil, Organic Licorice, Oak, Organic rosemary, Organic lemon zest, Organic peppermint, Potassium sorbate.