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Ruyao Glaze Pumpkin Teapot 100ml

Ruyao Glaze Pumpkin Teapot 100ml

Softer Specialty Drink Co.

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This ruyao glazed pot will craze with use, meaning the cracks in the glaze will become more visible the more tea you brew with it. (This will be more obvious on the interior at first.) 

The glaze is warm grey clour with amber/brown accents on edges and ribbing, and there are a few discreet gold flecks on the surface.

This is a nice small pot perfect for a 1-2 person gong fu sesh and is delightful to hold and behold. Its stature leaves room for large leaves to expand comfortably.

See pics of brewing set up for scale - it's really small! It would fit in the palm of many peoples' hands.

Volume: 100-110ml

Dimensions: 11.5cm x 7cm x 9cm // approx 4.5'' x 3'' x 3.5''h

Weight: 237g

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