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Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi - Schisandra Berry

Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi - Schisandra Berry

Rishi Tea & Botanicals

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So much flavour from a single ingredient.

Contains nothing but schisandra berry and sparkling water, yet precisely extracts all components of the fruit to derive floral and citrusy aromas from the skin as well as polyphenols and lignans from the seeds. Together this extraction is remarkably thick and lush on the palate and a beautiful deep pink in colour.

Crack a cold one and neck it for total satisfaction or decant into your finest stemware for a remarkbly wine-like experience with no sugar added and only 2g carbohydrates per 355ml can. Damn.

Directly and equitably sourced in Changbaishan, China where the berries are hand-picked at peak ripeness. Rishi has 20+ years experience sustainably sourcing botanicals around the world, with a respect for quality that shows in the can. 

Entirely organic. No added sweeteners or flavours. 

Format: 355ml can

Ingredients: carbonated water, organic schisandra berries.

** note - schisandra is mildly stimulating. think 1/2 strength of tea? 

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