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Proxies 'Red Ember' by Acid League

Proxies 'Red Ember' by Acid League

Softer Specialty Drink Co.

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Proxies, a line up of wine-style drinks from Acid League, were some of the first to the 'wine proxy' scene.

What's a wine proxy? It's not de-alcoholised wine - it's a blend of different ingredients built to mimic different flavour profiles we might enjoy while drinking wine. 

'Red Ember' includes red wine grape skins, berry concentrates and vinegars, a blend of black and herbal tea, and extracts of coffee and oak to build a smooth fruity and slightly tannic beverage akin to a full-bodied red wine, but entirely non-alcoholic.

Get it while you can - we have super limited quantities! Unique, delicious, worth sipping and savouring. Bring it to dinner to impress your big city friends or confuse your small town parents. Most of all, buy it for yourself. 

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