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Phillips Brewing 'iota' Non-alcoholic Pale Ale

Phillips Brewing 'iota' Non-alcoholic Pale Ale

Phillips Brewing

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One of the OGs in the BC Craft Beer scene. Phillips is so established now they even do their own malting. Props where props are due. We're super pleased they've entered the non-alc beer game and we are happy to report their offerings are delicious. 

We have such distinct memories of when Phillips was pushing out IPA after IPA that was changing the game, and this Pale Ale brings all of those flooding back. Definitely hoppy and West Coast classic as Pale Ales go, it's got pine, it's got bite, it's got a developed but not heavy malt backbone. This beer honestly rocks. If you have any attachment to the glory days of Fat Tug on the BC scene, you will be well at home cracking a couple of these any old Tuesday wing night.
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