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'Noughty' Sparkling Chardonnay by Thomson & Scott

'Noughty' Sparkling Chardonnay by Thomson & Scott

Thomson & Scott

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You asked, we delivered - more alcohol free wines from the 'Noughty' line, by Thomson & Scott. We have to agree, everything they make is totally on point and is a pleasure to drink, and this sparkling chardonnay definitely lives up to the hype!

This de-alcoholised sparkling wine is made of 100% chardonnay sourced from Southern Spain. Grown in calcerous and sandy soils, you definitely get a lick of chalky minerality on the aroma and on the palate. Medium bodied and super dry, this wine taste super classical - a hint of toastiness comes from the fermentation process lending a nice savoury edge. Fruit takes a back seat, and the finish is rounded out with a creamy meringue note.

Bubbles make it fun, but this sparkling wine is super sophisticated. Perfect for special occasions or brunch - whatever the day calls for!

This wine is also certified vegan and made by a #womenowned business. B Corp certified, carbon offsets, the whole deal. 

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