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Modern Soda 'Mocktail No. 1'

Modern Soda 'Mocktail No. 1'

Modern Soda

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A base of carbonated apple is augmented with blackberry juice, actual de-alcoholised gin, and bergamot (the thing in earl grey - a fancy perfume-y citrus). The fruit hits first, the herbal notes follow, the finish is dry and peppery.

Delightful on its own or combined with other ingredients, it's a refreshing sipper in its own right, or lends complexity and interest to any mixed beverage of your choosing. 

About the brand:

Modern Soda is the non-alcoholic drinks line by artisan cider maker Valley Cider Co based in British Columbia's beautiful Cowichan Valley. Each soda flavour is built off of BC apple juice, diluted to the perfect sweetness, flavoured with inventive flavour combos, and carbonated. Half the amount of sugar of "traditional" sodas and ten million times more fun.

Inulin, a source of dietary fiber, adds to the perception of sweetness, and is actually a functional source of pre-biotic fiber. (Good for your gut, affects how you process sugar.) Bonus.

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