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Modern Soda 'Love Potion'

Modern Soda 'Love Potion'

Modern Soda

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Ever seen a rosehip? If yes, you may already be aware of the fact that apples are in the same family as roses. For some reason when you keep this idea in mind, it seems to explain why this drink with apple juice as the base and rose as an aromatic top note Just Makes Sense.

Cherry juice is added for colour and romance, and lavender and damiana are added for intrigue and their relaxing properties. It all just works.

Like the can says, "Pretty much tastes like you want to stare into someone's eyes for a while". I think you should be on a floor cushion for this one, maybe light some incense, turn the overhead light off, please!!!! Put on some Sade and soak up the moment.

About the maker:

Modern Soda is the non-alcoholic drinks line by artisan cider maker Valley Cider Co based in British Columbia's beautiful Cowichan Valley. Each soda flavour is built off of BC apple juice, diluted to the perfect sweetness, flavoured with inventive flavour combos, and carbonated. Half the amount of sugar of "traditional" sodas and ten million times more fun.

Inulin, a source of dietary fiber, adds to the perception of sweetness, and is actually a functional source of pre-biotic fiber. (Good for your gut, affects how you process sugar.) Bonus.

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