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Modern Soda 'Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb'

Modern Soda 'Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb'

Modern Soda

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You know when you have a freezie and you kind of suck all the syrup out of it, to get that straight undiluted sugar? This soda is kinda like that red freezie, if your household didn't buy freezies and popsicles, but your mom let you freeze your own juice from the hippie grocery store that smells like coffee and burlap...

Sweet and syrupy like the fake thing (sugar water), satisfying and juicy like the real thing (real juice). Excellent poured over ice and diluted even further. Plays well with other ingredients.

About the maker:

Modern Soda is the non-alcoholic drinks line by artisan cider maker Valley Cider Co based in British Columbia's beautiful Cowichan Valley. Each soda flavour is built off of BC apple juice, diluted to the perfect sweetness, flavoured with inventive flavour combos, and carbonated. Half the amount of sugar of "traditional" sodas and ten million times more fun.

Inulin, a source of dietary fiber, adds to the perception of sweetness, and is actually a functional source of pre-biotic fiber. (Good for your gut, affects how you process sugar.) Bonus.

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