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mate libre 'lime + mint' Yerba Mate energy drink

mate libre 'lime + mint' Yerba Mate energy drink

mate libre

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There are a lot of brewed yerba mate drinks out there - this is the best one. Made in Montreal with strictly real ingredients, no natural or artificial flavours or sweeteners.

lime + mint is super refreshing - the green-ness of both flavours complement the green earthiness inherent to yerba mate. Real mint and real lime mean the flavours mesh well together, nothing artificial or cloying here. Mellow and balanced.

The sugar level is fully perfect at 11g per 250ml cutie canette from agave syrup. The flavours don't interfere with the clear and present mate taste. 

And the caffeine is modest, appropriate for an afternoon lift or evening booster at 45mg and not added upon by other sources or extracts beyond the brewed mate. If you're the type to get particular about energy metabolisms, that means it's a balanced mix of caffeine and associated xanthines such as those found in tea and chocolate that comes on easy and leaves without a crash.

They fully rep fair trade, organic and ethical production. It's an easy move and one we love to offer over the sweeter, faker big brand energy drinks. One taste and we know you'll agree.

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