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Leitz 'Eins Zwei Zero' De-alcoholised Sparkling Riesling can

Leitz 'Eins Zwei Zero' De-alcoholised Sparkling Riesling can


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Alongside the full Leitz line-up, these German cool climate stunners are setting the standard for what non-alc wine can be. Perfectly structured, pointedly sharp, they offer the complete wine experience with varietal character and sense of place firmly intact.

Produced with the same care and attention as all of this family owned winery's wines, and de-alcoholized with state of the art vacuum distillation technology that operates at lower temperatures and preserves the full aromatic power of the wines. Rightfully celebrated by wine critics around the world, Leitz de-alcoholised wines set the standard of what non-alc wine can and should be. Our personal favourites and soon to be yours as well.

100% riesling and 0.0% alcohol by volume, the fine carbonation on this sparkling white wine is crisp, bright, clean and dry. A perfect companion to meals or a standout stand-alone aperitif. The 250ml slender can format is ideal for a casual weeknight sipper or to travel wherever your picnic takes you.

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