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Leitz 'Eins Zwei Zero' De-alcoholised Riesling

Leitz 'Eins Zwei Zero' De-alcoholised Riesling


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This riesling is nice 'n dry with a nice viscous light to medium body - pretty ripping acidity (I could take more personally, I can HANDLE IT, but no joke this will suffice) - flavours of lemon curd, little bit of wet slate, and those green and yellow apple-y notes we like. Conclusions - VERY GOOD! Drink it cold! Have a nice meal! Charcuterie and soft cheeses, fruits and picnics, on a boat, above a moat, etc, Prost!


About the producer

Leitz Weingut is a family-run producer based in the Rheingau in Germany. Classic Riesling territory! Currently run by Johannes Leitz, he'll eventually pass the reins to his son, carrying on the family business.

In the meantime they are making varietal wines that are traditional to the region, like dry, high-acid rieslings, and light pinot noirs with a mineral backbone. 

Leitz makes conventional (aka alcoholic) as well as de-alcoholised wines, using the same grapes and vineyard practices for both.

The fully fermented wines then are gently de-alcoholised through a low temperature vacuum distillation process. The low temperatures mean that the alcohol can be removed without losing aromas and varietal characteristics. 

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