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Lautus Non-alcoholic Chardonnay

Lautus Non-alcoholic Chardonnay


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Lautus ("lout-us") is Latin for 'pure, sumptuous, elegant', and with years of winemaking experience under their belt and a respect for terroir and solid winemaking practices, we think Lautus are definitely living up to their name. 

This Chardonnay from South Africa is medium bodied, with fruit notes of apple and pear balanced with body and a hint of oak. "Subtle" is not usually the word one reaches for when describing Chardonnay, but here the fruit notes and oak notes are both understated. Medium rounded body, mellow apple and pear notes, and a hint of toast on the nose and finish. Food friendly and people friendly - very likeable!

De-alcoholising wine can dial back the aromatics a bit, and with this chardonnay, it actually works really well - it is an easy drinker, sure to please a range of palates.

The alcohol is removed at low temperature under vacuum in order to preserve the aromatics and flavour compounds are added back in after the processing is done.

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