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KUURA 2022 'Entheone' Raw Puer

KUURA 2022 'Entheone' Raw Puer


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It’s often said there are teas that you choose to drink for the day and teas that choose how your day will go when you drink them. This is a gloves off classical style power drinker full of potent bitterness intense mouth and throat activity and a cooling huigan that will hang around for a long time. A kinetic warhead; we kindly suggest making sure you have enough food in your stomach and time to waste in the day. A blend of quality material that speaks for itself in the cup and a great candidate for long term ageing owing to the legs it has to stand on.


Spring 2022 material
200g per compressed cake with five cakes in each traditionally wrapped bamboo tong. 
25g samples are cut/broken from 200g cakes and sealed into bags.

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