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Heartberry Lemon & Birch Bark

Heartberry Lemon & Birch Bark

Softer Specialty Drink Co.

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We have a ton to say about how delicious and groundbreaking these new drinks are, from Canada's first Indigenous-owned non-alcoholic drink company. But for now just trust as that these overdeliver on flavour and complexity -- you will be wowed!

Citrusy lemon is made earthy alongside the woodsy flavour of Birch Bark, brewed into a concentrated tea with a mild wintergreen taste. Plant-based Xylitol made from Birch sap produces the sweetness in this soda without resorting to refined sugars.


The traditional uses of Birch Bark include building and crafting, with its leaves, twigs, and bark used in tinctures for aches and sprains.

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