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For Bitter For Worse 'Rose City Fizz' Non-alcoholic aperitif

For Bitter For Worse 'Rose City Fizz' Non-alcoholic aperitif

For Bitter For Worse

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We are pleased to offer another excellent non-alcoholic aperitif from For Bitter For Worse - the 'Rose City Fizz'. 

Much like their flagship drink 'Eva's Spritz', the Rose City Fizz has smashed our expectations for what a packaged drink can be - using real ingredients (juices, real juice concentrates, foraged flowers, herbs, peels, etc), and pouring with a nice burgundy froth, this ode to early summer in Portland is as delightful and complex as any well-balanced cocktail. Although they promise berries and fruit, this drink is still built on an earthy herbal base - amaro and vermouth fans rejoice!

Crack a can and pour over ice (or straight up in a wine glass) and enjoy turning your own living room into one of the world's 50 best bars while barely lifting a finger. 


Sold as singles or pack of four cans. Contains 45 calories, 10g sugar, 12g carbohydrate per can (6.3 oz, 187 ml)

Ingredients: filtered water, organic strawberry juice concentrate, organic white grape concentrate, orange juice concentrate, saskatoon juice concentrate, organic cherry juice concentrate, organic apple cider vinegar, organic sweet orange peel, organic spices, organic hibiscus, organic rhubarb root, organic gentian root, organic bitter orange peel, non-GMO citric acid, organic dried chamomile flowers, foraged douglas fir needles, organic dragon fruit powder, organic dandelion root, organic monk fruit

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