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Colibri 'Spumante' Prosecco Style Non-alcoholic Wine

Colibri 'Spumante' Prosecco Style Non-alcoholic Wine


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This wine is made from the grape Glera, the primary grape used in prosecco. Like prosecco, this wine is easy going, rounded, with notes of green apple and white flowers. A touch of residual sugar is balanced by acidity and juicy fruit notes.

Perfect for picnics, parties and patios, this Spumante is a crowd pleaser, so everyone can enjoy a splash of bubbles, without the buzz. We found the texture of the bubble reminiscent of a pet-nat, soft and engaging. Altogether a really enjoyable, uncomplicated wine.


Located in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia in the North east of Italy, Colibri is an organic estate winery in the heart of the region where prosecco is produced.

'Colibri' is Italian for 'hummingbird', meant to reflect the feeling of freedom and levity that can come with the decision to skip out on alcohol (regardless of whether you're skipping out for an afternoon or forever).

Their wines are made from grapes grown in their own organic vineyards, and are de-alcoholised gently under vacuum to preserve the aromatics before carbonation takes place.

Nothing added, only alcohol removed.

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