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Bark & Bitter Remarkable Sparkling Solution

Bark & Bitter Remarkable Sparkling Solution

Bark & Bitter

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A drop to relish from the brilliant minds of Bark & Bitter. A dropper of sour solution comprised of acids found in sparkling wines, for a familiar hit of astringency, texture, and tannin. Add to soda. Add to anything.

Versatile and highly complimentary, this unique substance gives the edge to all of your non-alcoholic drink making. A little goes a long way, but you may soon find it indispensable.

Bark and Bitter advise two ingenious uses. On its own, a heavy dropper or two into a glass of sparkling water will yield a flavour remarkably similar to a simple sparkling wine. In combination with Novara, soda, and orange bitters you have yourself a full-flavoured NA spritz (without needing to crack a bottle of sparkling). 

A cheeky second use is suggested as a 'hack' for improving non-alc red wine - a dropper into a glass of vino that heaven forbid fails to cut the mustard will balance out the sweetness, and add back in body, structure, and tannin. Not that any of the red wines we painstakingly curate could be deficient in this way, but it always pays to be prepared.

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