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A jumbo 360g cake of perfectly rested and time tested white tea. Years layed down in the cellar have yielded an absolute fountain of nectar. Brewed any way of your choosing, this tea is not a substitute for anything, it's damn well better than the real thing.

Or as the cavistes at Kuura would have it:

After a long search, we've found something to soothe the tickle in your throat after our much loved white tea, Honey Jar, left the building.

This aged shoumei white tea was picked and pressed in Fujian in 2014, and stored in Guangzhou dry storage since then. Fujian white teas such as this are known for their fragrance and sweetness, and the solid storage and age on this tea lends itself well to deepening those aspects. Thick, smooth, soft, sweet and soothing. This white tea does well gongfu, in a mug, in a big western style teapot, or boiled/simmered on the stove or in a kettle.

The cakes are 360g, the traditional size for tea cakes in China based on Imperial measurements, so a fair bit larger than most of our in-house productions at 200g.

 Artwork produced in collaboration with Eroductions.