KUURA Brewing Info

Kuura's pressed teas will excel in whichever brewing method and ratio you prefer. Experimentation will reward you. You can't mess it up, you can only learn better how you might like to go about the experience next time.

If too weak, make it stronger. If too strong, a little extra water or a lighter hand next time. Coffee and many styles of tea can be stubbornly particular in how you must go about not ruining them. By and large, these teas are forgiving and versatile, made of robust large-leaf material, and will continue to extract and offer flavour and reward beyond what you might expect. Full boil 100C water is recommended, but you can dial temperature back as you see fit. White teas can be boiled on the stove to get every last drop beyond the many steepings they will have already have given. 

Have fun, don't stress, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!