2023 Kuura Price Adjustment

March 06, 2023

In accordance with the inexorable march of time, we grow wiser and the tea just keeps getting better. In consideration of market forces and the TLC administered in the maturation of these ageing cakes, most teas from 2021 and prior will increase in price on Tuesday March 14th at 5:59AM PST (that's the stroke of midnight, Australia time). 

Price adjustments are as detailed below. Stock up now to get yesteryear's prices today - the best time to plant a tea tree is ten years ago, the second best is post-haste.

Tea Name Current Price New Price
2021 Prescription Only $90 $95
2021 Prismo $180 $185
2021 Metamaterial
$60 $65
2021 Dethflow $390 $400
2020 Dissolver
2020 Polycrystal $65 $70
2014 I Can't Believe It's Not Honey $85 $88

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