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Oddbird 'Organic White No1' Low Intervention Dealcoholised White Wine 750ml Bottle

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The Oddbird 'Low Intervention' series is another milestone in pushing the best of modern quality-focused dealcholisation techniques into the tippy top rankings of what we want our wine to be. These wines embrace the values and focused intentions of natural winemaking, in 0.0% ABV form. 

Hand harvested, organically grown, spontaneously fermented and without additives - just great juice! This blend of Garganega and Vespaiola from the Veneto region of Northern Italy is honestly a remarkable achievement in the provisioning of good things to drink. Let a thousand natty non-alcs bloom!

A breezy little number with floral and nutty overtones, it hits hard with minerality and fresh acidity for easing drinking just as much as a contemplative swirl. Great stuff yet again from Oddbird.